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"Will it be too hard. . . . will I stick with it?" Don't pay hundreds of dollars to find out. Start here! Only $9.99*, our programs are fun and provide you with the fundamentals of:

Here's How:

And there's much more.  Our interactive language CDs deliver more instruction, more effectively than many other higher priced products on the market. See why professors think that our programs are very well done; including Thomas Mullins, Associate Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University, who wrote that they are "clever and well produced."  Great for beginning students as well as advanced. All ages!

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"The Persian Tutor arrived . . . . . . . . I'd like to say we think it is BRILLIANT! " John, U.K., a satisfied customer

"I couldn't be more pleased with your CD Egyptian Hieroglyphs Made Easy.  It has really helped!  Excellent content excellently produced. "  Thanks again, A.R., Chicago

"My Egyptian friend thinks I'm a genius to be learning so fast - this is really excellent software!" Katharine, New York

"My son learned the alphabet so easily with the Hebrew Alphabet Tutor.  I love the melodic Psalms that are featured.  Its very exciting!"  Janice, New York

"We spoke some Hebrew this last trip to Israel.   My wife and I only got the CD a week before the trip - but we took it with!"  Mike, Dallas

* Excluding Egyptian Hieroglyphs Made Easy, book and interactive software, 2008 release.